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Microsoft Solution by Ascentsoft
The leading System Integration Services Provider, Microsoft Partner in Doha, Qatar – Ascent is your one-stop-shop when it comes to the IT solutions and Microsoft solutions like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams in Doha, Qatar that you need for your business.
Ascent is also offers IT products, telecom infrastructure solutions, and software packages for business enterprises of all sizes in Doha Qatar. Ascent has the expertise as well as the experience to meet the advanced, secured, scalable, and intelligent network infrastructure demanded by today’s businesses to support the increased bandwidth requirements brought about by cloud computing and convergence of many applications.
One of the reasons as to why Ascent is able to offer world-class services that have the potential to transform complex network infrastructure into dynamic as well as easy-to-maintain systems is that the company operates as Microsoft Partner in Qatar. Another reason is the technically strong, dedicated, highly motivated, and service-oriented team of professionals at Ascent. The team members are all focused on fulfilling the demands of their customers. The company also appreciates the fact that technology drives business and, therefore, offers solutions on a turnkey basis.
As the Microsoft Partner in Qatar, Ascent offers the following services to businesses:
New techniques and systems that have been developed to enable businesses to grow are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). They are commonly referred to as business solutions as they integrate the many activities that go on in multiple departments in organizations. Microsoft Dynamics is a business solution that does not only integrates the activities performed by various departments in an organization but also gives it momentum required for growth.
Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP solution and it includes modules such as human resources management and financial accounting, among others. Each department in a business has its own style of functioning and it is a challenging task to coordinate the activities of various departments and make them work together. Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics enables departments to quickly and easily share information and communicate better. This is to say that Dynamics encourages co-ordination, collaboration, and co-operation between human resources, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, inventory management departments.
Microsoft Azure Solutions provide in Doha Qatar
Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, helps businesses design applications and deploy and manage them with the help of hundreds of managed data centers that the company has established in 50 regions across the world. Azure boasts of offering not only infrastructure as a service (IaaS) but also platform as a service (PasS). Further, the platform supports several different programming languages, frameworks, tools, and third-party applications.
Azure helps businesses create websites with the help of PHP, Node.js, .NET, or any other open-source application that is there in the gallery. You can also create virtual machines for exercising complete control over data center. In addition, the cloud computing platform offers hosted applications for the development of e-commerce solutions, processing orders, and analyzing data. While data management is made possible through tables, SQL Database, and BLOB Storage, business analytics can be implemented with the help of SQL Reporting, Data Marketplace, and Hadoop.
Microsoft Office 365 Solutions provide in Doha Qatar
Microsoft Office 365 offers subscription plans to access Office applications and several other productivity services to businesses including Exchange-hosted emails, additional Skype storage, and One Drive via cloud services. There are many reasons as to why businesses should upgrade to Microsoft Office 365. They include:• It is easy to learn as well as to set up. So, employees get used to it fairly quickly. This means that businesses can adapt faster to changes in the marketplace.
• Office 365 gets updated automatically. Tools, applications, and services are also updated regularly to provide the best experience to businesses.
• Microsoft Office 365 comes with the desktop suite. This means employees can work on documents even when they are offline.
• The security aspect is addressed through built-in anti-spam as well as anti-malware protection. Moreover, the maintenance of antivirus signatures is given top priority.
Microsoft Teams Solutions provide in Doha Qatar
Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.
• @mentions
• Access control
• Activity feed management
• Assistant bots
• Built-in & custom tabs
• Call management
• Channel favoriting & following
• Chat/instant messaging
• Commands
• Contact search by name or email address
• Conversation search
• Conversation tracking
• Customizable alerts
• Customizable for each team
• Email-style threaded conversations
• Emojis, GIFs, stickers
• Group chat
• In-line animated GIFs
• Meeting scheduling
• Multi-factor authentication
• Notes
• Office 365 & custom connectors
• Open API
• Organization wide teams
• Real-time chat history across devices
• Skype integration
• Tabs for frequently used documents
• Team chats & private discussions
• Team lists
• Teams overview grid
• Third-party integrations
• Third-party notifications & updates
• Usage reports
• Voice & video conferencing
• Whiteboard
Implementation of an ERP system is not a simple process as you may believe. It involves the selection of the right solution, thorough planning, and working with a software company that specializes in implementing ERP software. This is because ERP is all about the management of business processes that enable organizations to automate various routine functions. There will be multiple modules within the ERP software that are customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.
All said and done it is best that you get ERP implemented in your organization through a service provider. Outsourcing of this service is advisable because it is not easy to get hold of the skilled and experienced personnel required for its proper implementation. Further, providing the required training to the team is not only time consuming but also expensive. Moreover, ERP has to be implemented without affecting your normal business activities.
CRM solutions are crucial for businesses as they help them to retain their customers for longer periods. They make it happen by improving communication with your customers, creating a segmented list of current and prospective customers, and allowing sharing of documents. The benefits offered by an efficient CRM solution include the following:• Time and cost savings
• Organizing and tracking customer information
• Automation of marketing interactions such a sending mails, notifications, and information updates
• Improvement in business productivity
• Dealing with competitors in an effective manner
• Streamlines communication with customers
Finally, it does not matter whether you want to implement an ERP or CRM solution for your business in Qatar. Ascent Technologies, Microsoft Partner in Qatar, can provide the best experience when implementing the same. This is because of Ascent has a team of software professionals who are experts in handling Microsoft’s tools. Their experience in developing software programs and cloud-based solutions also contributes to the success of the implementation of systems in your organizations.
For any company, data security is a matter of great concern. That’s why Ascent – Microsoft Partner in Qatar makes sure that the information maintained remains safe when implementing various software solutions for your business. Further, Ascent complies with global standards and strictly adheres to the authentication regulations of your company.
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